Atal Tunnel,Manali

Atal Tunnel,Manali
  • State : Himachal Pradesh
  • City : Delhi
  • Timings : 24 Hours
  • Spend Time
    1 Hour
  • Best Time To Visit
    April To Oct
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About Atal tunnel

The Atal Tunnel is the highest attitude tunnel in the world. This tunnel constructs at an altitude of 3000 meters ( 10000 feet) high with 9.02 kilometers long pathway. It is like a phenomenal piece of engineering which is inaugurated by recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 3 October 2020.
The Atal tunnel built under Rohtang Pass in the Himalayan ranges of Pir Panjal. It has taken approximately 10 years to be constructed and now it covers the route from Manali to Leh in 4 to 5 hours. The tunnel connecting Manali to Lahaul Spiti valley has become famous among tourists in such a short time.

Why was this tunnel named Atal Tunnel?

Earlier this tunnel was named Rohtang Tunnel, then it was changed to Atal Tunnel. Actually, this historic decision was taken by Atal Bihari Vajpayee on 3 June 2000 during his tenure. In 2019, the Union Cabinet directed that it would name the tunnel from Rohtang Tunnel to Atal Tunnel to honor Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji.

What is so unique about the Atal Tunnel?

- The Atal Tunnel is wondrous of engineering. Now, sightseer and local folks can cross the path from Leh to Manali in a very short time which was closed for 6 months due to snowfall in winter.
- Atal Tunnel is also considered the safest tunnel in the world. Every 500 meters, there is an emergency opening for safety precautions.
- Every day 3000 cars and 1500 trucks can pass through this tunnel at a max speed of 80 km. Semi-transverse ventilation systems have been installed to overcome the ventilation problem.
- The Tunnel is constructed by Border road organization ( BRO) with new Austrian tunneling method techniques. This technology has maturely strengthened the infrastructure. It is truly unmatched.
- The Atal Tunnel is designed in Horoscope shape. The entire tunnel has a telephonic connection at 150 meters, as well as CCTV cameras installed at every 250 meters. Not only this, lighting and signals have been used to cross the tunnel easily.

Why should you visit the Atal Tunnel?

Recently after the Statue of Unity, Atal Tunnel is the second marvelous structure of engineering. This shows India's intentions that it wants to make its infrastructure the best in the world.  Crossing this entire tunnel is like going on an exciting journey. It will remind you of the old days which you are wandering in some old caves. Passing through Rohtang Pass enjoys a natural view of Manali at the South Gate and aerial intelligence of Leh at the North Gate.


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